Wicked Game

With the onset of COVID-19 and a cancellation of most of our 2020 gigs, we have been trying hard to keep creative and positive.
One of the musical projects we have finally completed is a cover of Chris Isaac’s ‘Wicked Game’.

A few years ago we were asked to play at Mayfield Gardens on the big stage at a festival with some other local artists. One of these was a young violinist named Sarah Walls. We were blown away by her talent and her passion for her instrument. We had never heard that kind of sound before and we knew we wanted to work with her!

Fast forward nearly three years and we finally got to connect! Now on instagram as @violinmagic, we saw Sarah performing incredible covers and flukily learnt the same song, Wicked Game, in the same week and reached out to her.

Once Dave and Sarah got together, it was clear this wouldn’t be just a boring collab project. The two of them started bouncing ideas and riffing immediately and the skeleton for this track appeared in less than an hour.

Dave Webb is the musical brains behind Momentum, He produces and records every track, edits, masters and fine tunes everything to perfection. This track is orchestral and sweeping, it has moments of beautiful depth and richness of sound. We are very proud of it.

Due to COVID, funds are tight and we set out to finish this thing on our own, start to finish. This meant recording the film clip out in a local pine forrest and out bush. Reaching out to our talented friends, we made the most of the incredible skill of Brenton Cox Photography and Jack Hagney from Hagney Sky High Aerial Footage and the beautiful nature of Ella Collins as a production assistant.

It was a great team and a lovely day of mucking around on the mountains.
We hope you like the song as much as we have enjoyed being responsible of every little part of it. Enjoy!

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