Supporting The Rads


On October 29th 2017 we were lucky enough to support Aussie legends “The Radiators” with a set of originals off our upcoming album. Playing a full house at Lithgow Workmans Club, we were so thrilled for yet another opportunity to play our music in front of a great rock crowd.

The Rads are the iconic Australian pub rock band formed in September 1978. Mainstay members are Brian Nichol on lead vocals and guitar, Stephen “Fess” Parker on lead guitar, Geoff Turner on bass guitar and Mark Lucas on drums.

These guys played a crazy tight set of all their best known songs, including “Coming Home”, “No Tragedy” and “Gimme Head” and they gave us some serious rock inspiration for our tunes!

We want to say thanks to The Rads and their awesome sound and light team for producing us last night – we loved every minute of it!

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