Supporting Diesel

When we got the call to say we were supporting one of the best Australian musical talents, we were over the moon! We had only been writing and creating music together for such a short time, and this was the opportunity of a lifetime!

Follow this link to watch a video of our night! Momentum Supports Diesel

Getting ourselves ready for this event was no small task and we would like to thank the staff at The Clarendon Tavern in Richmond and Mark and his team for making us feel welcome and supported at this event.

After such an amazing night, we couldn’t believe just how down to earth and lovely everyone was.  We played our original set to a packed house of music lovers and received some rave reviews and comments.

One of our originals had no title when we went to perform, and we were amazed when a member of the audience contacted us a few days later to say she had remembered the song and had a suggestion for the title. Keep an eye out for “Be the reason”…

Great memories and such a wonderful night! We cant wait to work with Diesel again!

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