We’re not bloggers, but…

To make a website is hard work!

To make one that reflects who you are and what you represent, takes time and effort. Hopefully we have done that.

We are passionate about what we do. We have worked for the majority of our lives in this music industry and have played everything, from tiny one-man towns, to thousands of people overseas… There is nothing like playing music to people who enjoy it. There’s no buzz and no drug that can compare if you happen to be one of those designed in life to be a performer or musician.

The best part about music? How it can be played and enjoyed by so many, all on different levels. We love listening to and working with other performers and across different styles, we met, after all, doing musical theatre…

Love what you do with a fiery passion. If you are one of the lucky ones who has found something that ignites you, don’t ever let it die. Fight hard for your creative soul. You may lose some, but you will gain more.

You will gain Momentum.

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